Halloween Activities for the Faint of Heart

Halloween may not be your favorite holiday. Maybe you’re like me and grew up on Elm Street and had siblings whose favorite Holiday is Halloween and they forced you to watch Nightmare on Elm Street as a child. Maybe haunted houses or haunted trails with masked getting in your face and scaring you is not enjoyable for you. Have no fear! Here are 5 Halloween activities that won’t jump out at you:

Go Trick-or-Treating with the little ones in your family

Little ones love dressing up and going from house to house to receive candy from their neighbors. They love hearing adults make a big deal over their costumes. This is a relatively safe activity because most people know not to jump out and scare the little ones, so as long as you have a little one with you, you should be safe from a Halloween scare.

Host a Halloween Party

Perhaps you do enjoy dressing up and being with friends. Hosting a Halloween party for your friends is a great way to get everyone together and have fun! To make it better, if you’re hosting, you can control the scare factor. After all, it is your place so you can ask your guests to hold back on the shenanigans until they leave.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, corn mazes, and hay rack rides are all fun ways to get involved in the Halloween festivities without an adrenaline rush. You can decide if you want to visit the “haunted” corn mazes or not. If you’re like me, you will find a friend or two and head out to the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard on a beautiful fall day and enjoy apple picking, picking out the best pumpkin, apple cider, and apple cider donuts.

Decorate Pumpkins for Thanksgiving

You can always carve pumpkins in way that isn’t scary, but carved pumpkins only has a couple of days, a week at most. Instead, you can get friends or family together for a craft night and paint and decorate your pumpkins for Thanksgiving. These pumpkins are so cute as decor the Holiday and they last much longer! I don’t know if we just had the greatest pumpkins ever or if the environment was perfect for pumpkin survival, but last year my friend and I picked pumpkins from the pumpkin patch in October, decorated them on Halloween, and they lasted all the way through the middle of December when we had to throw them out because we didn’t have room in our car to move them back home with us.

Watching Holiday Movies on Halloween Night

Halloween night is my favorite night to kick off the festive holiday season! If you’re like me and had siblings who lived for horror movies and scare tactics, then maybe you avoid horror movies at all cost. Or maybe horror movies are not your preferred way for inducing an adrenaline rush. Either way, Halloween night is the perfect night to kick off your favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas movie watching.

I hope this Halloween is one you can enjoy and you won’t have to worry about your heart racing as you grasp at your heart trying to catch your breath again. There are always ways to live life one yes at a time! Not this year, Michael Myers. Not this year.

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